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    Since the first generation of urban construction trucks, the environmental protection level, non-intelligent control and product performance of urban construction trucks have not been solved. Overloading, speeding, omission and noise, and traffic accidents are common. And the environment is getting worse and worse. The urban construction trucks that bring pollution have aroused widespread concern in society.

     Beijing Municipal Construction Waste Earthwork Sandstone Association (abbreviated as "Residue Association") was established in March 2014. New standard for transport of urban construction trucks in Beijing has been released which require that the transportation of urban construction should be developed in the direction of environmental friendly and intelligent management. In addition to the complete closure of the carriages, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System will be installed on each vehicle. The emission must meet National Ⅳ emission standard to phase out the old urban construction vehicles. However, there are still many old-fashioned urban construction trucks on the market. How to choose the urban construction truck has become an urgent problem for the urban construction transportation enterprises.

First generation urban construction truck

     Before 2000, the urban construction truck can be called simple urban construction truck which is only a rudiment of the city urban construction truck. At that time, people only focused on the development and construction of the city, so the urban construction truck at that time only needed to meet the transportation function. Vehicle form is chaotic and there is no unified standard. At that time, it was still in the stage of exchanging environmental pollution for economic development, and environmental protection had not yet entered the public's vision. Naturally, it also includes the urban transportation industry, so the urban construction truck at that time was not environmentally friendly.

     The first generation urban construction trucks are generally divided into two types: 4×2, middle lift dumper, no green cover; 6×4, front lift dumper, no green cover. At this stage, the vehicle type is not environmentally friendly, and the vehicle type is without standard uniform which only meets the basic transportation function. 

Second generation urban construction truck


     From 2001 till now, the urban construction truck industry has also undergone a renewal. Because the former simple urban construction truck has no standard and its model is without standard, it is not conducive to operation and management, so the simple urban construction truck is gradually eliminated and replaced by mechanized urban construction truck. Compared with the old one, the new one is more professional and more suitable for the working condition. However, due to the limitations of technical level, people's concept, capital and other factors, mechanized urban construction truck still has great limitations in braking, anti-roll, lifting efficiency and other important factors. 
   The second generation urban construction trucks are generally divided into two types: 6×4, front lift dumper, rectangular box, simple tarpaulin cover;  6×4, front lift dumper, Iron cover. At this stage, the vehicle model is non-standard. The emission level is low. The intelligent control is not enough and the product performance is general.

The third generation of urban construction truck

The third generation of urban construction truck, also known as intelligent urban construction truck, adapts to the future development trend. At this stage, the vehicle model integrates environmental protection, safety and intelligence. In the aspect of environmental protection, green power is adopted to meet the national V emission standard with no leakage and smooth exterior without residue. In terms of safety, low gravity center, wide frame, high standard body safety, speed limit and enhanced braking system. In terms of intelligent aspect, intelligent control supervision of illegal operation is equipped. 


     All carriages are made of high strength steel and wear resisting steel with Europe design of streamlined U-shaped box. Beautiful appearance, smooth inside and outside of the box, fast unloading speed, no material residue inside and outside the box. The integral inclined side shield plate is not easy to hang material and accumulate soil, so it is easy to wash which effectively improves the image of the city. 

     The rear door of the carriage adopts the integral structure with flat shape. The residue will not remain and cleaning is convenient. The hanging position of the number plate and the number plate illumination lamp are set in the center of the outer side. The upper part of the rear door can be sprayed to enlarge the number of the license plate which is not easy to be polluted and easy to identify. 


     According to the characteristics of short operation distance and high lifting frequency of urban construction truck, the low gravity center design of carriage and sub-frame is redesigned which greatly improves the stability of lifting.

     The combination of high strength PVC top cover system and back door hydraulic locking mechanism prevents material spilling. This makes the carriage completely sealed and effectively prevents dust raising and spraying. It has the characteristics of light weight, good durability, easy operation and simple maintenance. It is the best choice for urban construction  truck.

     Blind area radar can send out sound alarm in the cab when pedestrians approach to warn drivers to prevent accidents caused by visual blind area.


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