FHA丨ZhongCheng dump truck A Man Should Strengthen Himself

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There are many purple flowers in the world. I only love your kind.

——To dump truck drivers


There is a man who looks like a migratory bird.

Migratory birds chase sunshine and rain

But this kind of man is chasing the wind and sand all over the world.

Not because they indulge in love and freedom.


Only in the wind and sand

Only the day after tomorrow will there be sunrise

Such a man

It's the dump truck driver.




Unlike other truck drivers speeding on the highway

Dump truck drivers often need to drive their own vehicles.

Crossing numerous hills and streams

Go to the site of the project

Busy months in the dust

Start again for the next construction area

Year after year

This may be the romance of dump truck drivers.


Dump truck is more like a silent partner

It accompanies hard-working strugglers.

Get to a new starting point one after another



Whether in spring or summer

Whether it's cloudy or sunny

The work of the strugglers began long before sunrise.

Whether it's rainy or windy

Whether it's warm or cold

FAC Zhong Cheng dump truck

It can always be accompanied by the footsteps of strugglers



Sweat and sludge cannot hide the perseverance of strugglers

After suffering

But even more resolute

Just like FAC Zhong Cheng dump truck

Strong front face and uncompromising body lines

No matter in any environment

They are all beautiful scenery lines.




Now that we are on the way forward

Whether it's a cliff or a barranca

There is no retreat in the struggler's dictionary

Every setback turns into motivation.

Just like FAC Zhong Cheng dump truck

Yuchai 180 horsepower diesel engine is mounted

cross mountains and river

All things are possible



It's not just about myself.

There is family far away

Although the head has always been high

The responsibility on the shoulders has never been slackened.

FAC Zhong Cheng dump truck

6x2 power layout is adopted

457 Shortening Bridge is mounted

Enough to bear all


There's always a time when you're tired.

Maybe a short break

Make the next effort more productive

FAC Zhong Cheng dump truck

New Design Cab

Noise Reduction Technology for Passenger Vehicle Class

Extra wide bed for 700mm

Enough to be a harbor for shelter


A Man Should Strengthen Himself

FAC Zhong Cheng dump truck

Strong Partners of Strugglers

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