Fight hard! FHA "F200-6*4 Mixer" is offline today

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      2018 is undoubtedly a big year of R&D for FHA . This year, FHA heavy-duty version light truck, mini-truck and FHA pickup truck have been put into operation one after another. The most remarkable new FHA F200 heavy truck series has brought us F200-6*4 tractor and F200-6*4 dump truck. Luxurious appearance, high-efficiency performance and intelligent configuration and the personalized design language of two models have attracted wide attention since they appeared. It has also succeeded in playing a big role for FHA brand overall layout of the commercial vehicle market.


Follow up a victory with continue chasing


     FHA R&D team of heavy truck, led by Chief Engineer Liu, launched another heavyweight product, F200-6*4 mixer, on the F200 high-end platform.


      Today, our R&D chief engineer of heavy truck opened the prelude for you in the production base of FHA .    


     F200-6*4 mixer not only upholds the luxury, intelligence and efficiency of the F200 series, but also bases itself on the complex working conditions which has become another member of FHA series with the highest independent R&D standards and rigorously validated R&D process.

F200-6*4 Mixer

F200-6*4 Tractor

F200-6*4 Dump truck

It's like a beautiful combination boxing.

      It is a magnificent appearance for FHA products to enter the high-end heavy truck market, and another firm step for FHA to penetrate the commercial vehicle segment market.

Ordinary road

      As a pioneer of Chinese commercial vehicle market, FHA has gone through 60 years of ups and downs. Constantly breaking through and surpassing the original is an ordinary way for pioneers.

Keep moving  

      Feihe Group has injected new technological strength into the FHA after holding the brand. Feihe Group has been focusing on training and absorbing high-end technical personnel to build a "Feihe Manufacturing" brand. Feihe Group's vision is to become the leader of modern manufacturing enterprises.

Ordinary road is not easy, but we keep moving!


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