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Where there's FHA pickup truck, there's no way can’t cross over.

 Are you ready for the warning ahead?



 This is a memorable day.


FHA  pickup truck

 Officially on the market

    FHA pickup truck series inherit the fine lineage of American pickup trucks which are rare wide-body pickup in China. Let's explore what happened next.




    In this era of beauty is justice, how can the feelings not match the pickup truck? The FAC pickup truck absolutely has the capital to make you fall in love at first sight. Body size is 5640 * 1880 * 1780 mm, wheelbase is 3405 mm which meets the domestic users' pursuit of automobiles. Rough lines and sharp edges show his restless nature.

The design of split headlamp makes him more athletic and layered.



         FHA pickup truck has luxury interior. Car-based central control layout conforms to ergonomics design. T-type central console, simple layout are in line with the requirements of the tool pickup. In terms of vehicle configuration, it has multi-function steering wheel, adjustable leather seat, 8-inch screen in central control area, Bluetooth telephone, navigation, radio, reverse image and other functions. In addition, it is equipped with dual airbags, ABS system, tire pressure monitoring and other configurations that take into account both comfort and safety.




        Powerful power, not just enough! The vehicle is equipped with Isuzu 2.5T diesel turbocharged engine and adopts the latest technology of Isuzu, Japan. It is economical and practical. The fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is only 8.3 L. Strong driving force. The power reaches 95 KW. The maximum torque is 320. It starts fast and accelerates steadily. The gearbox is a mainstream 6-speed manual gearbox. It has a time-sharing four-drive system which can choose the driving mode independently. It has great driving pleasure. 


       With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, consumers ‘pursuit of driving quality continues to improve. Our pickup truck not only has fashionable appearance and cutting-edge technology, but also has very high comfort. The vehicle adopts the matching form of McPherson front independent suspension and leaf spring rear suspension which greatly enhances the practicability and riding comfort of the vehicle. In order to improve the off-road performance, the vehicle chassis system was adjusted and optimized with high strength, high load-carrying capacity.

Cost performance

     Who says that the first thing you look at is often unaffordable? The vehicle 's super performance-price ratio is also the reason why you have to start! Come and watch! 





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This time, we use high value, high performance and high cost performance.

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