City's "pursuer", FHA Mixer

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 This is called “Official announcement”.

It's time to announce it.

FHA 6*4 Mixer

Facial value is impeccable
       FHA Linghe Mixer has a compact and lightweight overall shape,  beautiful and fashionable. Widening and enlarging the combination of rearview mirrors gives you a good idea of the situation behind you. The crystal headlamp is luxurious and beautiful. The LED daytime traffic lights are highly identifiable which can prevent accidents in advance to ensure traffic safety. Bumpers are real materials, and they always protect your driving safety.
Luxury interior, comfort upgrade
      The luxury cab has plenty of room. The sleeper is wide and comfortable to drive. Semi-surrounded, streamlined, European ring instrument table is generous and beautiful, easy to operate. All car models are equipped with remote control keys, central control locks, electric doors and windows, multi-functional steering wheel. Vehicle experience comparable to passenger car. Airbag seats are used in the cab. Special material for high-strength beams is used in vehicle girders. Reliable load-bearing, manipulation mechanism, hard rod manipulation greatly reduce driver fatigue. Later maintenance costs are reduced.

Strong Power, Upgrading Configuration


     Gold power combination for Weichai Wp10.350E50 plus Fast 10JSD180 gearbox plus16 tons Hande two-stage deceleration casting bridge. Four-valve structure was adopted to reduce the swirl ratio of the engine, optimize the combustion chamber, make the combustion more fully, and greatly reduce the fuel consumption of the whole engine. This will really be economical and practical.


Stable and reliable, excellent Trafficability
      Strengthened frame and suspension system can better guarantee the bearing capacity. Enlarged brake hub and widened brake shoes can effectively ensure braking safety. The Hande two-stage deceleration bridge has large torque capacity and large ground clearance which can ensure better trafficability in all kinds of bad road conditions.
Vehicle Integration Design  
      The unique integrated design of the whole vehicle and the upper part ensures the excellent performance of the whole machine. The body of F200 is bold and unconstrained. Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, light weight aluminum alloy fuel tank, gas storage cylinder make the whole vehicle lighter and more economical.

The sunset is red like blood, standing on the top of the city.

Chasing the wind and trampling on the mud;

In love, ideals are immortal.

They are the city's "pursuers"

Running with each morning and dusk

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