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       October 18, 2018 FHA Shandong Regional Heavy Truck Products Promotion Meeting started in Linyi, Shandong Province. Zheng Min, Sales Manager of Heavy Truck Business Department of FHA , Wang Guoqiang, Han Lei, Service Manager of Heavy Truck Business Department of FHA , Zheng Jianxin, General Manager of Shandong Huacai Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., Zheng Weijia, General Manager of Mengyin Lutai Shoes Co., Ltd., Wang Li, Sales Manager of Yutai Xiangchi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., and Li Zongwei, Sales Manager of Jiuzhou Automo About 160 customers from Shandong region participated in the meeting.

       Shandong Province is the third largest province in China's economy whose total industrial output value and industrial added value occupy the top three of China's provinces. Linyi, named after Linyi River, was known as Langya and Yizhou in ancient times. It is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization. As a prefecture-level city in Shandong Province, it is the central city in southeastern Shandong Province approved by the State Council. It is a modern industrial and trade city with waterfront characteristics and a commercial and trade logistics center.
FHA Shandong Regional Commercial Vehicle Promotion Meeting
       Since FHA Heavy Truck launched F200 tractor series, dump truck F200 series, urban construction truck, mixer and other products, more and more first-class stores have been established. User experience upgrade reflects that FHA Heavy Truck is gaining more and more users ‘love and trust.
FHA Tractor F200 Red
Zheng Min, Sales Manager, Shandong Province, Heavy Truck Business Department of FHA
       Zheng Min, Sales Manager of Shandong Province, Heavy Truck Business Department of FHA , introduced the enterprise culture of FHA , performance and characteristics of FHA tractor.
 FHA Heavy Truck Shandong Distributor
Zheng Jianxin, General Manager of Huacai Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.
       General Zheng elaborated relevant preferential policies for users at the meeting. Prepaid 2000 yuan can enjoy 4000 yuan discount, prepaid 5000 yuan can enjoy 10,000 yuan discount, prepaid 8000 yuan can enjoy 20,000 yuan discount. Preferential policies such as 0 yuan truck purchase, which have a high cost performance ratio, have attracted a lot of customers on the spot.
General Zheng introduced preferential policies

一Speech from customers of FHA on-site orders
       FHA tractor adopts cage structure cab to ensure driving safety. Fast 12-speed aluminum case gearbox is adopted which can reduce weight and heat dissipation at the same time. Zheng Min said that lightweight vehicles improve transport efficiency per unit time. 

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