Marketing targets

Cooperate dealers can build up marketing capacities and promise to achieve marketing targets in authorized territory and period. Marketing targets include sales volumes、products combination、sub dealers 、spare parts stores , etc.


Financial Capacity

Cooperate dealers must have a certain financial capacity and use special fund in a certain number to develop commercial vehicle business of FHA motor group in the local market.


Dealer’s functions

Cooperate dealers must have strong marketing capacities including sales, after- sales service, spare parts stores. The dealers are cooperated preferentially If have the function of finance, second hand vehicle, VIP developing, assembling, etc.


Specialized organization

Cooperate dealers must establish a special team to operate FHA commercial business. The FHA brand manager of the dealer must have enough experiences of commercial vehicle operating. The functions of the team can cover the whole operating elements as required and keep effective contact with FHA motor group.


Territory cover

Cooperate dealers can cover all the authorized areas or will cover the areas by ally with some sub dealers in a certain period.

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