Training Support

FHA provides a series of training, including product, policy, operation, marketing, management, etc.


Support of shop establishment

Full-time personnel help the dealer to select secondary networks (sales, services) and determine the type of vehicle to put in the market according to market needs.


Image support

FHA provides a certain amount of cost support for Brand investment and daily promotions of secondary store.


Promotion support

FHA offers price concessions within three months of the start-up of the dealer to facilitate the alliance’s daily sales, promotional display services and other work activities.


Staff Support

FHA provide price concessions within three months of the opening of the franchisee to assist in daily sales, service, etc.


Incentive Policy

In 2021, FHA will set up a step sales policy for franchisers to encourage them to become bigger and stronger.


Platform Support

FHA plans to build a FHA logistics platform. The franchisees can share the value of the vehicle chain, logistics information, consumption amount and other value chain gains, provide more profitable means for franchisees, and share development results.

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