Q:Is there a warranty after buying the vehicle?

  • A: Yes, the service warranty will take effect immediately on the day of the vehiclepurchase, and all the service warranty can be enjoyed during the warranty period.

Q: How can we enjoy after sales service?

A: vehicle range for after sales service

Since 2013, all newly purchased FHA commercial vehicles sold by franchise dealers which is allowed by FHA .

Warranty Period for after sales service

warranty period: two years or 50,000 km (whichever comes first)

Exemption of after sales service liability

During above warranty period of after sales service, please take care to avoid the following situations which will result in the failure to enjoy the service normally.

Automobile products purchased by consumers have been notified in writing of defects.

No modification, adjustment or disassembly is allowed as stated in the accompanying documents, but the damage is caused by consumers'self- modification, adjustment or disassembly.

Product quality problems caused by improper disposal of consumers;

Damage caused by consumers'failure to properly use, maintain and repair products in accordance with the instructions

Damage caused by force majeure

Product quality problems occur when the fragile parts exceed the quality guarantee period.

Note: During above warranty period of after sales service, valid vehicle purchase invoices and after sales servicevouchers (the date of vouchers should be the same as the date of vehicle purchase invoices) should be provided in order to enjoy the corresponding after sales service. * Final Interpretation Rights Owned by FHA Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd



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