FHA Pickup truck Four-Drive type

FHA Pickup Truck Configuration
Vehicle type Model 1030 Series (Euro V)
Driving type Four-wheel drive
Driving model Isuzu
configuration Creative Edition Enjoy Extended Edition Comfortable edition Comfort Extended Edition Deluxe Edition Deluxe Extended Edition
Long * wide * high (standard double row pickup truck) (mm) 5330×1880×1780 5640×1880×1780 5330×1880×1780 5640×1880×1780 5330×1880×1780 5640×1880×1780
Wheelbase (mm) 3095 3405 3095 3405 3095 3405
Transmission 6MT 6MT 6MT 6MT 6MT 6MT
Safety equipment Safety Energy Absorbing Column
Front and rear three-point seat belts
High-mount stop lamp
Tire pressure 
Main and Co-pilot Airbags
Front disc and rear hub brake
Functional deployment Remote control central control lock
Four-door electric window
Electric external rearview mirror
Anti-glare interior mirror
Adjustable angle steering wheel
Multifunctional steering wheel
Power steering (rack-and-pinion steering gear)
Floor brake
Hub 16 (17) inch aluminium alloy (iron) hub
tyre 265/65R17
Comfort equipment Audio-visual system Ordinary Receiver, MP3 Player - - - -
DVD Navigation (USB Interface)
Parking Distance Control - -
Reversing Image/Bluetooth
Air conditioner Manual air conditioner - - - -
Electric Integrated Cooling and Heating Air Conditioning
Chair Knitted seat
Leather seat
pedal side step
Interior color Warm grey (dark)
Other Paint type Metallic paint
Outer rope hook  
Cargo protection
Description: "" means standard matching,""0"means optional matching,"-"means no configuration;  

Raytheon Pika Four-Drive Edition
Parameters of Two (Four) Drive Long wheel base Diesel Pickup Truck      Parameters of two (four) drive short wheel base diesel pickup truck
brand FHA brand FHA
Vehicle model CAL1020C1DG1E5 Vehicle model CAL1020C1DG1E5
Engine Model JE4D25Q5A Engine Model JE4D25Q5A
Maximum net power of engine 93 Maximum net power of engine 93
Engine rated power 95 Engine rated power 95
Engine displacement 2499 Engine displacement 2499
curb weight 2000 curb weight 2000
Total mass 2820 Total mass 2820
Rated payload 495 Rated payload 495
Number of passengers 2+3 Number of passengers 2+3
Outline size 5640×1880×1780 Outline size 5330×1880×1780
Container size 1790×1530×480 Container size 1480×1530×480
Proximity/departure angle 33/26 Proximity/departure angle 33/26
Height of  210 Height of  210
ground 1200/1620 ground 1200/1620
Axle load 1570/1570 Axle load 1570/1570
Tread 3405 Tread 3095
Wheelbase 140 Wheelbase 140
Front and rear overhang 5 Front and rear overhang 5
Spring number 950/1285 Spring number 950/1285
tire 245/70R16 tire 245/70R16
Curb weight 1800 Curb weight 1800
Tire pressure 250/250 Tire pressure 250/250
Minimum turning radius 13.8 Minimum turning radius 13.8


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